Mr. Tim Hurren


  • Bachelor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Surgery MBBS Melbourne (1984)

Brief Biography

Dr Hurren, has worked as an Assistant Surgeon, particularly in Neurosurgery & Orthopaedic Spinal Surgery, for 30 years.

What do you like about your work/do you have a particular area of expertise?

“… I love working in a harmonious expert team. I enjoy meeting patients & helping them get better. Surgery is wonderful because you can meet someone who has a bad problem, and then see them the next day, knowing it is fixed…”

His particular area of expertise is Revision Spinal Surgery, which is often very difficult, but he finds the most rewarding.

What do you like most about working with Mr Malham and this team?

He loves working with Mr Malham because “He is such an upbeat gentleman. He treats everyone with respect & courtesy. It is contagious. He has assembled a truly excellent team, of which I am privileged to be a part. The surgery is of the highest standard. We treat his patients like royalty!”

What do you like doing when you’re not working/in surgery? 

Dr Hurren enjoys playing golf, & spending time with his family.

What inspires you?

“I am inspired by energetic people who choose to be kind at every opportunity. I hope to emulate them.”


Dr. Graham Guttenberg


  • BCh. (Rand)
  • Law (Rand)
  • C.F.P. (South Africa)

Brief Biography

Dr Guttenberg was born and educated in Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied Law and was admitted as an Attorney in 1971. In 1974 he left Law to study Medicine. After his residency he entered General Medical Practice. In 1984 he successfully obtained membership of the College of Medicine of South Africa in the Faculty of General Practice and was subsequently awarded Fellowship of the College of Family Practitioners.

In 1992, he migrated to Australia where he commenced General Practice in the Eastern Suburbs. A large part of his practice involves surgical assisting, and in recent years this has almost exclusively been working in Neurosurgery. Dr Guttenberg is married with four children. He has worked with Mr Malham since 2001.

What do you like about your work/do you have a particular area of expertise?

Dr Guttenberg’s attraction to surgical assisting, arises from the fact that it demands great precision and much of the work which he undertakes, is at the cutting edge of the discipline. He has developed considerable skill in the utilisation of equipment for the three-dimensional placement of pedicle screws.

What do you like most about working with Mr Malham and this team?

“…Working as we do in a team provides an opportunity to learn from one another and team camaraderie has developed over the years…”

What do you like doing when you’re not working/in surgery? 

Dr Guttenberg has several interests. These include building detailed models of vintage vehicles, sailing ships, steam engines and he has restored a vintage motor car.

What inspires you?

Dr Guttenberg is inspired by the principals of the Hippocratic Oath which he took when he graduated.

Dr. Nigel Munday


  • MBBS
  • MBA

Brief Biography

Dr Munday is a full-time Surgical Assistant and has been working in the field for over 25 years.  In that time, he has assisted at over 25,000 operative procedures, across a wide range of specialties.  Over the past 18 years his practice has become focused on the field of neurosurgery, with a special interest in the spine.  As well as assisting Mr Malham, he assist several other Neurosurgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons on a regular basis.

Originally trained in both Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery, Dr Munday enjoys using his knowledge and skills to help Mr Malham achieve outstanding surgical results. He has been assisting him since 2001 and they have an excellent working relationship, having operated together at least once a week, throughout that time.

Dr Munday is married to Sally and has five children. He enjoys spending time with his family, and other interests include AFL (Go Crows!), running, woodwork, metalwork, computers and plumbing.


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