Mr Malham is pleased to see patients with a neurosurgical spine condition that have a current referral from a general practitioner or specialist. These referrals are valid for 12 months and 3 months respectively.  You must have current radiological imaging (<6 months old) completed before your appointment.  This must show a surgical condition.

If you are a patient or a doctor wanting to make an appointment you must forward the referral, updated radiological imaging results and workcover details (if applicable).  This is to confirm that there is a surgical problem that Mr. Malham can assist with.

The rooms will contact the patient for an appropriate appointment following receipt of the required information.  If there is no surgical problem identified the referring practitioner will be contacted.



  • Private:  Patients must have valid private health/hospital insurance (Australian companies only) with no waiting periods.  Extras are not valid.
  • Veteran Affairs/Military: Both “Gold Card” and “White Card” patients are able to be consulted. If you have a “White Card” your condition must be covered by DVA.
  • Work Cover: Patients are seen by arrangement only.  The following relevant information must be forwarded for assessment before an appointment will be considered.

*  Doctor Referral   *  Scan Reports (<6 months old) showing a current surgical condition    *  Workcover Details  * Consultation approval letter from Workcover


Mr. Malham does NOT consult TAC patients  patients with overseas insurance or patient’s who are Uninsured (includes patient’s with only private extra’s cover)!  He does not operate at a public hospital.

Medico-legal: Mr. Malham does NOT undertake medico-legal consultations.


Mr. Malham is a surgeon and therefore does NOT deal in pain management or perform cortisone injections.  Movement disorder queries (MS, Parkinson’s disease etc.) should be directed to a neurologist.

!!!!!   If you present as a Private patient (for a particular condition) you can NOT cross your account to workcover at any stage!  If you wish to present as a workcover patient please read the above section on workcover appointments.



All consultation appointments are scheduled at: Suite 2, Level 1. 517 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

The current waiting time for a new patient appointment is approx. 4-6 weeks.


What to bring: 

  • X-ray, CT & MRI Scans
  Patient’s should bring all medical imaging films or discs and reports applicable to the condition for which they are being consulted.
  • Referral  It is the patient’s responsibility to have a current referral from a GP or specialist.  Medicare will not reimburse any part of your consultation fee without a current referral
  • Medications
  It is important that you provide us with an accurate list of all medications that you are currently taking. You will also be asked about allergies & your past medical history.
  • Private hospital insurance or Workcover claim details




The fees charged by this practice for private patients are in accordance with those recommended by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) guidelines for services and therefore an out of pocket cost will be incurred.

*  Initial Consultation – $320  (Medicare rebate $110.20)

*  Review consultation $170-$280 – length depending.  (Medicare rebate – $36.55 – $112.00)

All Private accounts are payable at St. Kilda Road on the day of your appointment.
  Payments can be made with cash, cheque, money order, direct deposit, credit card or eftpos.

Fees for Veteran’s Affairs patients will be in line with the fees governed by the organisation and no out of pocket costs will be incurred.

We do NOT bulk bill consultations or participate in “the gap” for operative procedures!

Private patients proceeding to surgery will be provided with a detailed quotation based on the AMA rate and are required to sign a form of acceptance for those fees prior to surgery.  We also ask for pre payment of surgical procedures.