Dr. Fiona Chow

Consultant Physician

  • MBBS
  • PhD

Brief Biography

Dr Fiona Chow is a physician specialising in both general internal medicine and kidney disease. She received basic and specialist physician training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. She subsequently completed a PhD in Medicine at Monash Medical Centre, investigating the cause of diabetic kidney damage. Dr Chow’s work has been presented at conferences within Australia and internationally.

After 3 years of undertaking laboratory research, Dr Chow realized that she missed the day-to-day patient interaction and in 2005 returned to full-time clinical work.  Dr Chow’s role in the care of Mr Malham’s patients at Epworth Hospital is assessing the patient before and after surgery, to ensure adequate pain control, and the management of any pre-existing medical problems such as diabetes and hypertension. Dr Chow’s services are fully covered by private health insurance, WorkCover and DVA. Therefore, there will be no out of pocket expense incurred. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano and reading.

What do you like about your work/do you have a particular area of expertise?

Dr Chow enjoys the variety of clinical medicine the most, and how the work is always interesting and sometimes challenging. She likes to work as part of a team in the hospital with nursing staff and allied health professionals.

Her area of expertise is diabetic kidney disease, having done laboratory research in this field for several years.

What do you like most about working with Mr Malham and this team?

She likes working in a team that is so supportive, and where everyone is able to contribute to helping make patients better.

…”Seeing some patients do extremely well after surgery, with alleviation of pain that they have suffered from for years, is wonderful to be a part of…”

What do you like doing when your not working/in surgery? 

When Dr Chow is not working, she enjoys learning foreign languages to keep her mind active, and it enhances her experience of overseas travel.  She has been learning Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and French.  Dr Chow also has taken up ballroom and Latin dancing lessons recently.

What inspires you?

“…I am inspired by learning new things. Whenever I gain a new piece of medical knowledge that I can put to use, I feel very excited to use it. I am also often inspired by seeing the achievements of other people who show excellence in their field of expertise…”


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